Thursday, 28 December 2017

How Musli Pak Proves To Be A General Health Tonic For Men?

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If you are a man and searching a remedy to maintain your health, this is the perfect article for you. I know every man needs to take natural approach if he wants to stay healthy and fit. In this article, I will tell you a remedy which can not only make you healthy but also cure many health complications. Good habits like regular exercise, yoga, better diet can help you in this but if you consume a remedy like

Musli Pak, you can see the difference in your health. So read carefully and gain knowledge about the Ayurvedic remedy- Musli-Pak.

Yes, the remedy is Musli-Pak and this is the remedy which can give you numerous health benefits. Via this article, you will get to know about Musli-Pak- a general health tonic for men. So without wasting more time on it, let’s see the benefits of using Musli-Pak for men. 

Musli-Pak For Men

Musli-Pak is an ayurvedic Brihana formulation which is used to restoring physical strength and acts as a nourishing tonic. It is famous for its aphrodisiac properties and very beneficial for men’s health. It has the potential to increase strength, time, stamina and performance in men. 

Musli Pak has an androgenic action. It helps men with testicular spermatogenic failure. The overall action of Musli Pak is to provide strength to the reproductive system and also to maintain its functions. The uses of Musli-Pak for men are

Male Infertility And Oligospermia 

Musli-Pak for men is the best remedy because this is mainly used to cure male infertility. It can improve the volume, count, and motility. It contains Safed Musli and that increase serum testosterone levels.

Erectile dysfunction

In this condition, Musli Pak does a tremendous job. It can give strength to penile-musculature and improve firmness. These are the benefits which help to sustain longer erections. 

Other Benefits of Musli-Pak For Men

Muscle Weakness And Fatigue

 It can increase strength and it can reduce muscle tiredness and fatigue. It provides nourishment and reduces the pain and fatigue very easily. 


Excessive white discharge of a white, sticky and foul- smelling material from the vagina is called Leucorrhoea. 

Medicinal properties

It has androgenic, spermatogenic, anti-oxidant, brihana, aphrodisiac, adaptogenic and erotogenic effect. According to studies it mainly works on vata Dosha and may increase the Kapha Dosha. These are the properties because of which this medicine works so well. Now it’s time to talk about its ingredient. 


• Safed Musli
• Cow’s milk
• Cow’s ghee
• Sugar
• Coconut
• Almonds
• Chironji
• Jaiphal
• Laung
• Kesar
• Jatamamsi
• Kanch beej
• Tej patta
• Nagkeshar
• Kali mirch
• Pipali
These are the benefits of using Musli-Pak for men. It is safe and you can use this without thinking any kind of side effect. This is safe because it is made of all the natural ingredients which I have just mentioned above. It is safe but still, you have to take care of its doses if you want to stay healthy. 


• Adults can consume- 3 to 24 grams
• Geriatric- 3-6 grams
• Maximum possible doses- 48 grams per day
Ayurvedic remedies are the best way to stay healthy and this is way via which you will only get positive results. so, use this and stay healthy and happy life. 

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